14938207_10210931931316903_2003883329235565250_nMy name is Stepan Kutaj and I’m just taking a picture as a hobby. I live in the Czech Republic, but I do travel a lot to Europe. Currently mainly Sweden and Denmark.

A little bit of data about me …


Age: 36
Jobs: IT
Gender: Male
Status: Divorced (in relationship)
Children: Yes (two boys)

What I photoshoots? I do not care what I will do but I prefer portraits, landscapes and act art photo.
What do I photograph? For now I’m only taking photos of an analog camera and classic 35mm movies. Most often I take photos of black and white photographs, but I love to use a color film I use for extraordinary photos. Everything I develop and enlarge at home.
Edit photos? In addition to balanced white, contrast, and HDR, I donĀ§t do retouching or other edit.
Where I make photos? Anywhere! However, I prefer to photograph outside and I do not like using additional lights or lightning.
I use Nikon technology as follows:
Camera: Nikon F5, Canon A1


  • Tamron 24-70mm f2.8
  • Nikkor 50mm f1.8
  • Nikkor 105mm f1.8


Magnifier: Durst M302 with colored head


Analog films: Adox CMS 20 II (Landscape), Ilford HP5+ 400 (Preferred), Kodak Ektar 100, FUJI PRO 400H (Preferred)

Chemistry: ADOX, Ilford, Kodak D-76, TETENAL COLORTEC C-41
Paper: Ilford MG RC X-PRESS 24×30 1M gloss